Urban Decay: Naked Reloaded

Whoops a daisy, I tripped and bought the Urban Decay Naked Reloaded palette. In my defence though, it could quite easily happen to anyone.

Seriously I had no intentions of getting it. In fact, when I heard about it, I actually wasn’t that interested. We were in a very long and stressful process of moving as previously mentioned . For months I had been good and avoided spending money. I was in proper saving mode. Plus I convinced myself that I DID NOT need anymore eye shadow palettes I have more than enough.

Me and James were doing a bit of homeware window shopping in John Lewis one Saturday morning. I saw it as we were walking past the urban decay stand. Having a look wasn’t going to hurt, was it? I Didn’t think i’d be bothered about it I was mainly just focused on things for the house.

Anyway i er, bought it there and then!

I don’t blame me though, its a cracking palette. Probably would go as far as saying my favourite one of theirs that I have tried, which is a fair few.

inside naked reloaded

My Thoughts on Naked Reloaded

The packaging looks good. Love that they have done something a little different to the other naked palettes. Different can be risky I think but with a name like naked reloaded, to me it suggests the naked we know but with a kick to it. So, different is what I wanted to see.

I did notice though, as did probably everyone else, you don’t get a brush included like with the others. This is probably quite annoying for a lot of people, although I don’t really mind to be honest. I still have my brushes from the other palettes and I tend to mostly use my set of Morphe brushes anyway. They have made up for the lack of brush with four larger pans for transition shades, a fair swap I think! Glad I won’t be hitting pan anytime soon.

The actual shades are very pigmented and easy to blend. Just what you want really to effortlessly apply make-up. You do have to be a little gentle with the brush, just to be safe, it only takes one gentle sweep for the brush to be completely covered with product.

What I love the most about a palette like this is that it’s good for any occasion. You could use it every day for work or create a fab going out-out look with it. You get a palette that can do both!

Naked Reloaded

Have this palette too? Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments.

Chloe xox

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