A Quick Update

Happy Sunday Chaps, here’s a quick update!

a quick update

Apart from the sea of boxes everywhere I have woken up to just another average Sunday morning. The dogs going mad with her squeaky tennis ball, boyfriend is on the xbox talking to his friends and I’m sat in bed watching guilty pleasure reality TV with a belly full of coffee.

We have had a stressful couple of months. Silly me thought buying a house for the first time would have prepared us for the second which would be easier. Nope. I think this has been the most stressful time we have ever gone through.

I will most probably explain it more in another post in the future. But long story short, we accepted an offer on our house back in November and got our offer accepted on the house we are buying literally the day after. It’s just a 2 house chain so we were told it should only take a few weeks, we could even be moved in before Christmas.

Then it’s like our luck just turned overnight . We have had problem after problem and here we are in flipping March still not moved. It’s been one long emotional roller-coaster but we are finally supposed to be exchanging contracts next week. (still trying not to build my hopes up at this point)

This whole process has made me learn the hard way how to be patient. And if it’s meant to be it will be……..eventually.

our first house
Here is a little throwback of our first house the day we were given the keys

Chloe xox

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