My October Favourites

My October Favourites

I’ve put together my October favourites. It’s November now already, can you believe it? Not quite sure how that happened. Anyway here are my favourites last month. I only have two as to be honest we have been in saving mode the last couple of weeks for various reasons and I haven’t really bought much,

Pure XS – Paco Robanne

The first of my October favourites. And my favourite, favourite!


Pure XS

It was a Saturday morning, 6th October to be exact. I had persuaded my boyfriend to get out of the house for some fresh air and into town for a coffee. Little did I know that on the way to my pumpkin spiced latte we would walk past  Debenhams and i’d catch a glimpse of it through the shop window. Pure XS by Paco Robanne. It was as if it was calling my name I just had to pop in and take a closer look.

The bottle itself is beautiful. No wonder I was instantly so attracted to it. The elegant pink bottle with the gold snake wrapped around the top is truly pleasing to look at. It’s not just a perfume, but also a proud statement piece for my make-up desk.

It goes without saying that it smells wonderful too of course. Im not very technical with describing smells but I highly recommend you trying it out. I bought it there and then – i’m so glad i did!

Mac studio sculpt foundation Studio Sculpt

What a complete game changer this has been. I am so grateful to have this in my life and I don’t think I could possibly live without it. My foundation game had got lazy recently and by recently I mean for -probably months. When I run out of a foundation I put off replacing it for as long as I can. Its such a chore to buy.

Also,  I never get it right. Choosing the right foundation for myself seems to be one of my greatest weaknesses.  I don’t know what I find so hard but without fail I will pick something up that’s not quite right for me. I’m far too awkward to ask for help from a member of staff. If they approach me to offer help I just get paranoid they are only asking because they have read my mind and know that I don’t know what I am doing.

By what I believe to be a small miracle this foundation came into my life. A friend of mine had ordered the wrong colour by mistake and it just so happened to match my skin tone really well so she gave it to me! I’m certainly going to be replacing this when it runs out.



What were your October favourites?

Chloe xox


  1. November 9, 2018 / 8:28 pm

    I’ve heard about this perfume and how it’s supposed to smell wonderful. I’ve been looking for a new perfume recently that I can suggest to my mom as a Christmas present. I’ll have to pop into a shop and see if I can test out this perfume. If it’s as wonderful as you say then I think I’ll like it. Plus, the packaging is cute and I’m a sucker for good packaging 😊

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