I’ve Kick Started My Summer Garden Project

It’s Sunday. The weekend has flown by. Again.

Currently, I’m typing this out on my bed feeling a little sorry for myself at the thought of work tomorrow. With a box of food that’s not technically part of my new healthy diet.  In fact, it’s probably a little frowned upon. Okay fine, it’s a whole box of Krispy Kreame doughnuts. *Face-palm emoji*

We’ve lived in this house a good few years and to be honest I’ve not made any effort out in the garden. This year though, I wanted a change. I know next to nothing about gardening so I’ve had a little help and advice here and there from James’ mum.

I’m not going to lie, at the start it was a state. We kinda just abandoned it for the whole of winter. Then the first week of hot weather we had in the UK this year James and I were on holiday. During which the grass shot up out of no where -too much for our little lawn mower to even handle. So we ended up leaving it even longer till we could borrow a more powerful mower and strimmer. And typically it  rained on our first few days free so we ad to wait even longer!  You can imagine how frustrated I was, as our garden was becoming more and more like a jungle by the day…




Finally at the beginning of May time I got the chance to finally tackle the grass and begin my little garden project. As you can see, we had a lot to do!

I had no intention of posting that AWFUL picture out of pure embarrassment to be completely honest. It was just gonna be a little before and after pic to send to James as he was at work the day I did this. I’d forgotten it was still on my phone until just now. Looking back now I’m a little proud of how far it’s come along. So I’ve decided to share it, anyway. Hopefully I can inspire a few people who are in the same position as I was to get out there and give it a go. And actually, found it to be quite fun and very rewarding!












Now please do excuse the mess and the fact that this photo isn’t a great picture. It was the only one I took directly after battling the grass as I didn’t actually plan on doing a ‘before and after’. What a difference that makes already though? It actually makes it look bigger!










Shortly after doing that on the very same day we went out to The Range to get my first lot of flowers I was going to plant,  and add a bit of colour. This is where James mum came in VERY handy. I was just looking at what was pretty. She knew from experience how long they would last, how much they would grow and things to look out for when buying plants such as if they had been sat in the pots for too long.  I actually found all this to be very interesting  and I liked seeing how different flowers and colours looked together. My new goal is to have as much knowledge of gardening as she does.

Anyway.. After buying the plants we headed back to my house to plant them up.





First one we did, was this blue one. The pot was kindly donated by James’ mum as she wasn’t using it. Plus it goes really nice out the front by the door on the gravel.

Middle plant: Fuchsia, Pink Flower: a type of carnation. trailing flower: I believe is Bacopa. And a few pansy’s to fill the gaps for now! 















Whilst out the front I gave the shrubs a bit of a tidy and laid down some fresh bark chippings to neaten it up.










And out the back, for now I added three pots by the shed




Back left pot: Crassula Money Plant.  I know this currently looks a bit tatty and sorry for itself. It was actually my Grandads’ who has now sadly passed away. I wanted to have this in my garden for Sentimental reasons.  It’s in need of a little TLC and hopefully I can get it healthy again. Also love the China pot it’s sat in,  which was from his greenhouse.

Large clay pot

Middle pink flowers: A form of Carnation. White flowers: Fafard Cacti, which is a house plant. In winter I will re-pot it and keep it indoors. Gap fillers: Pansy. 

Small clay pot: Seedum.











I love how just from that my home is transformed. I can start to enjoy being out in the garden again. A lot as been done since which I can’t wait to post about as this has quickly become a new hobby of mine. Not only does it make such a difference to look at, but it is a way I can switch off from everything and let my creative side out.

Thank you so much for reading xx

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